After graduating as a top student with a degree in biology, Lu pursued a highly successful career as a teacher. In 1990 he came to New Zealand to work in the newly developing feild of greenhouse tomato growing. With Lu's unrivalled knowledge in his feild of study he became top a consultant to the tomato growing industry. His clients included K.&G. Jowsey and the Beekist group, he provided his expertise in the establishment of this brand. New Zealand Vegetable  & Potato Growers' Federation  highly recommened his experise and experience as a technical advisor to tomato growers. In 1996 Lu and his family bought land in the beautiful Dairy Flat area. Here he stet up greenhouses to grow his own tomatoes. With his knowledge of expertise and experience he has been able to  grow exptionally good tomatoes to offer the discerning gourmet

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